Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Inexperience is permitted,
No special skills required,
Just love kids and pets,
Eager attitude desired.

A loving heart's essential,
Soft, gentleness, a plus,
A kindly, warm demeanor,
Combined with tenderness.

Add agility of body,
And dexterity of hands,
Both can be instinctive,
But be ready on demand.

Have good ears, with which to hear,
Sharp eyes, with which to see,
Arms strong enough for hugging,
And a spirit, fancy-free.

Can speak to God in heaven,
Have folded hands to pray.
Have ability to guide and teach,
And ability to play,

Can cook, and bake, and clean, and sew,
Can nurture little souls,
Know how to hold on tightly
And still hold on, while letting go.

Mothers some day return to God,
Yet, never do depart,

A mother's love, eternal love,
Forever in one's heart.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Revised May 2003 ~ April 2007