Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Certainly the easiest socks ever to expand...

Like to do something to keep busy........

by: Ansie Oelofse

Using "double knit" wool cast approximately 32 stitches (depending on foot size) 

Start by knitting 10 "Plain" stitches then the 11th "PURL" and then 10 "Plain" and the 11th "PURL" and "Plain to the end. 
Knit the next rows exactly the same, this will form a rif which will show as the sole of the sock
Knit until long enough, not too long, as it will still stretch. 
Finally knit the "ribbing" before ending off.
Leave a long enough piece of wool that can be used to thread through from one end to the other, and pull tight.   Stitch theseam on top of the foot and at the heel.

 Enjoy your socks!!!