Friday, 16 September 2011

Make your own Springbokkie...

The Springbokkie,
also known as a springbok shot or shooter, is a green and gold drink that is as proudly South African as the animal it is named after.
Layering it makes a pretty shot that is deliciously creamy with a yummy hint of mint.

How to make your own Springbokkie
You will need:
  • 15ml peppermint liqueur
  • 15ml amarula cream liqueur
Pour the peppermint liqueur into shot glass. Using a spoon held against the side of the shot glass, pour the amarula onto the spoon, thus floating the amarula ontop of the peppermint liqueur.
The result should be a clear layer of green peppermint liqueur at the bottom topped by a creamy layer of marula cream liqueur. The trick is to ensure that the layers do not mix in the glass, this is achieved by the s-l-o-w pouring of the cream liqueur.
The name Springbokkie (which literally means small Springbok), is a reference to the colours of this shooter which resembles that of the Springbok's (the South African national team) jersey colours - green and gold. Mention the word Springbok and many South Africans (especially expats) will get teary-eyed. Little wonder then that when we feel a burst of national pride or are simply feeling nostalgic we often reach for the ingredients to make this proudly South African shooter.
And, once you pop, you often find that you can't stop.....hahaha

Tip:  It helps if one of the liqueurs are chilled, so keep the mint in the fridge, and the amarula in the cupboard. Using a speed pourer also helps, since the liquid comes out in one continuous stream.