Friday, 14 February 2014

Did you know that...?


For over 135 years, Heinz® Vinegar has occupied a very special place in kitchens. So when it comes to spiffing up, shining up, and washing up, doesn't it make sense to use natural Heinz® Vinegar to clean one of the busiest rooms in your home?

A Great Perk
Great-tasting coffee in the morning, that's what you expect. To eliminate unpleasant lime deposits that can build up and clog the inside heating element of your automatic drip coffee maker, once a month fill the reservoir with Heinz® White Vinegar and run through the brew cycle. Rinse thoroughly with two cycles of water, and enjoy fast, fresh, hot coffee. (Please check with your appliance’s manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of vinegar for cleaning).

Clean As A Whistle
After fixing a great meal, the last thing you want to face is the cleanup. Heinz® Vinegar is a great solution for that dilemma. Just soak the insides of food-stained pots and pans in full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar for 30 minutes. Then rinse in hot, soapy water. You're free to start planning your next culinary adventure with pots and pans that are clean as can be.
Dispose Properly

It's easy to keep your garbage disposal clean and fresh smelling. Just make some vinegar ice cubes. Mix one cup of Heinz® White Vinegar in enough water to fill an ice tray, freeze the mixture, and then grind the cubes through the disposal. Flush with cold water.

Dynamite In The Dishwasher
Here are two hints to make things crystal clear. To cut the soapy film on your cloudy glassware, place a cup of Heinz® White Vinegar on the bottom rack of your dishwasher, run for five minutes, then run through the full cycle. A cup of Heinz® White Vinegar run through the full cycle of the machine once a month will also reduce soap buildup on the inner workings.
Grease Be Gone
"The Case of the Clogged Drain" is no mystery for Heinz® Vinegar. To help prevent grease buildup and to keep your drains fresh smelling, pour a handful of baking soda down the drain pipe. Add one-half cup of Heinz® White Vinegar. Cover the drain tightly for a few minutes, then flush with cold water.

Non-Stick Stain Remover
Remove stains from nonstick cookware to prolong the life of your pots and pans. Rub the pans with a cloth dipped in Heinz® White Vinegar to remove the white spotty film caused by minerals in the water.

Sweet Smell Of Success
Long after you've enjoyed the day's catch, does something still smell fishy? Just boil a tablespoon of Heinz® White Vinegar in a cup of water to eliminate those unpleasant cooking smells. And onion odors are nothing to cry over, either. Rub some Heinz® White Vinegar on your fingers before and after slicing onions to eliminate the lingering after-aroma. To absorb stale, smoky odors, a bowl of Heinz® White Vinegar placed in an out-of-the-way corner of any room works wonders, too.

Take A Shine To It
To make your chrome fixtures, appliances, and countertops gleam, rub away the streaks and smears with a cloth soaked in Heinz® White Vinegar.

Cooking Tips
Heinz® Vinegars have a great reputation for adding that little something extra to your favorite recipes and sauces. But it doesn’t stop there. Unleash the versatility of Heinz® Vinegar with this selection of helpful and handy cooking hints.

Easy Buttermilk
When a recipe calls for buttermilk and you don’t have any on hand, just add a tablespoon of Heinz® White Vinegar to a cup of milk.
Too Sweet? Too Salty?

To rescue a recipe that tastes too sweet or too salty after you’ve mixed the ingredients, try adding a dash of Heinz® White Vinegar. It may save the day.

Easy Hard Boiled Eggs
Adding two tablespoons of Heinz® White Vinegar per quart of water before boiling eggs will prevent cracking, and the shells will peel off faster and easier when they’re done.

Fluffy White Rice

For fluffier, great-tasting rice, just add a teaspoon of white vinegar to the boiling water. Your rice will be easier to spoon out and less sticky.

Meat Tenderizer and Marinade
A mixture of one-half cup of white, cider or wine vinegar added to a cup of liquid bouillon makes a great marinade base.
Fresh Air - Naturally

In addition to adding flavor to your meal, leave a bowl of Heinz® distilled white vinegar on your counter while cooking to remove all cooking odors. Works great when cooking fish!

Vegetable Revival
To revive vegetables that look a little tired and wilted, soak them in one quart of cold water and a tablespoon of Heinz® White Vinegar.

Fabulous Fish
You can enhance the flavor of your favorite grilled fish dishes by adding a dash of Heinz® White Vinegar. For firmer, whiter fish, soak your favorite filet or seafood steak for 20 minutes in one quart of water and two tablespoons of vinegar.

Heinz® Vinegars can keep everything in the bathroom – including the bathroom sink – sparkling and clean. It's a safe, money-saving alternative that let's you clean up without taking a bath.

It's Curtains
Use full-strength Heinz® Vinegar to wipe away soapy film, mildew, and grimy buildup from your shower curtains. Or simply place your shower and bath curtains in the washing machine along with a bath towel. Add one cup of Heinz® White Vinegar during the rinse cycle. Dry on low for 3 minutes.

Permanent Fixtures
To return the shine to your chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic fixtures, dampen a sponge or cloth with Heinz® White Vinegar and wipe away the dull film. Polish with a soft, damp cloth

Scattered Showers
Here's an overnight project designed to make your morning shower a little more brisk. To remove lime deposit corrosion from the showerhead, simply soak it in a container filled with full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar overnight and replace.

Soft, Shiny Hair
After shampooing, rinse your hair well with one cup of water and a tablespoon of Heinz® White Vinegar. It cuts the dulling soap residue and restores the shine, leaving your hair soft, shiny, beautiful.

The Super Bowl
Cleaning the toilet bowl. The one chore we all like to avoid. Trust Heinz® Vinegar to remove the unsightly ring. Pour in one cup of undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar. Let it stand for five minutes. Flush. Mission accomplished.

The Top Floor
For shiny, streak-less floors, use a solution of one-half cup Heinz® White Vinegar and one gallon of water to mop tile or linoleum. For really tough stains, apply undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar directly on the stain.

Tub & Tile
When bathtub and tile film builds up and rubs you the wrong way, it's time to make it vanish with Heinz® Vinegar. Simply wipe the surface with Heinz® White Vinegar and rinse with water. Enjoy the sparkling difference.

Laundry Room
Put hard-working Heinz® Vinegar through the complete cycle in your laundry room and see how useful it can be for freshening your clothes, killing odors, and pampering baby's clothing and bed linen.

A New Wrinkle
To help get rid of unsightly hem marks that remain after altering hemlines, gently rub them away with a Heinz® White Vinegar-dampened cloth. Then run a steam iron across the crease or telltale line. No more lines.

All Washed Up
Heinz® didn't forget the baby in the house. All-natural Heinz® White Vinegar is the perfect solution for breaking down the uric acid and irritating soap residue in all your baby's clothing, blankets, and sheets. To keep them soft and clean, add one cup of Heinz® White Vinegar to each wash load during the rinse cycle. And for the rest of the family's clothes, the same formula will do the trick.

Colorful Personality
Because some bright colors in fabrics tend to run, immerse them in full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar before washing. Your garments will remain true to their colors. Follow manufacturer's cleaning instructions and test first on an inconspicuous spot.

Come Full Cycle
For an all-around-and-around way to freshen up your washing machine, once a month pour in a cup of Heinz® White Vinegar. Run through a normal cycle, without clothes, and unwanted soap residue will vanish.

Easier Ironing
Starch buildup and corrosion’two problems that are easy to iron out with Heinz® White Vinegar. If starch buildup is making your iron stick, simply wipe it clean with a moist cloth soaked in full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar (making sure iron is unplugged and cold, of course). To keep your iron free of corrosion and calcium deposits, occasionally fill the water reservoir with full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar and steam-iron a soft utility rag. Repeat the process using water, then thoroughly rinse out the inside of your iron.

Ease The Stain
Don’t cry over spilled cola or wine. Within 24 hours, apply undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar directly to the stain (on washable 100% cotton, polyester, and permanent press cotton fabrics). Wash and dry as directed according to the manufacturer's care tag instructions.

Timely Touchups
To help remove light scorch marks on fabrics, rub lightly with undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar. Then wipe with a clean cloth. Using the same technique, you'll get great results on underarm deodorant and stains left by anti-perspirants.
Up In Smoke

The party's over, but a smoky odor permeates your clothes. Did you know Heinz® Vinegar can absorb all the bad smells? Pour two cups of Heinz® Vinegar in a bathtub of hot water, hang your clothes above the tub, and let the odors disappear.

Family Room
The effectiveness of Heinz® Vinegar will really hit home when you discover how useful it can be in the busiest room in the house. Welcome Heinz® as a special member of your family… and notice how Home Sweet Home it can be.

Called On The Carpet
To bring up the color and nap in carpets and rugs, brush heavy traffic areas and dirt spots with a mixture of one cup of Heinz® White Vinegar per gallon of water. Then blot dry.

Come Full Cycle
For an all-around-and-around way to freshen up your washing machine, once a month pour in a cup of Heinz® White Vinegar. Run through a normal cycle, without clothes, and unwanted soap residue will vanish.

Did your Pet Just Say "Ooops!"
Pet stains can really be pet peeves. Undiluted Heinz® Vinegar poured straight on the stain is a great solution. Wipe clean with strong strokes, then blot with cold water. You've cleaned and deodorized all in one step. And your dog or cat will make a detour around the accident scene.

In Full Bloom
To extend the life of flowers in your house, add two tablespoons of Heinz® White Vinegar, plus three tablespoons of sugar per quart of warm water. Cut flowers will bloom longer than springtime. Stems should be in three to four inches of water to really do the trick.

The Dust Bowl
Just when you thought we had exhausted our list of helpful hints, we've come up with another really cool one. You can keep exhaust fan grills, ceiling fan blades, and air-conditioning grills dust-free and circulating fresh air by wiping with full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar to cut the grease and dirt.

The Woodworker
Varnished woodwork and furniture that have become dull and cloudy can be renewed by rubbing them with a soft cloth moistened with a solution of one tablespoon of Heinz® White Vinegar in a quart of lukewarm water. Buff up with a soft, dry cloth, and the luster shines through again. And telltale white rings from wet glasses will disappear if you rub them with a mixture of equal parts olive oil and Heinz® White Vinegar.

Timely Touchups

To help remove light scorch marks on fabrics, rub lightly with undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar. Then wipe with a clean cloth. Using the same technique, you'll get great results on underarm deodorant and stains left by anti-perspirants.

Around the House
Versatile Heinz® Vinegar has an outdoor life, too. But that's no surprise. After all, that's where it all starts for us. With sun-ripened corn and apples and cool, clear water. So discover the Great Outdoors right in your own backyard.

We Do Windows
Streaky windows clouding your view? Clearly, Heinz® Vinegar can brighten your day. Just use it full strength in a spray bottle and wash streaks and film away. Dry with a soft cloth.

A Burning Issue
Let Heinz® Vinegar take the sting out of sunburn and soothe your minor skin irritations. Just sponge it on to cool down summer's sizzle.

A Dandelion Free Lawn
A natural alternative to using expensive and potentially toxic chemicals. Fill a spray bottle with undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar. ’When dandelions start to pop up, spray the center of each flower with the vinegar. Spray once directly on the plant and again near the ground so the vinegar can soak into the roots. This will kill the dandelions and keep them from growing back. It is best to do this on a sunny day when no rain is expected for a few days, because the rain will wash away the vinegar.

Better Fuel Mileage
Here's a bright idea. For longer-lasting and brighter-burning propane lanterns, soak new wicks for several hours in full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar and let them dry before inserting. Now see how much brighter things are--on the same amount of fuel.

Don't Be A Pest
Ants may be on the march, invading your territory, but you can deter them without using strong, harsh insecticides. Spread a solution of equal parts Heinz® Vinegar and water all around their points of entry- door jambs, windowsills, and foundation cracks. CAUTION: Be careful not to spill vinegar on your plants or shrubs.

Cut The Grass
To kill unwanted grass and weeds growing in sidewalk cracks or on driveways, just pour on full-strength Heinz® Vinegar. It's a natural alternative to using harsh lawn chemicals.

Get Out Of Tough Scrapes
Scraping ice off your car's windshield--one winter chore you'd like to avoid. If you have to leave your car out overnight in the winter, coat the windows with a solution of three parts Heinz® White Vinegar or Heinz® Apple Cider Vinegar to one part water. And they'll be frost-free.

Renews Shoes
Rescue your shoes from the damaging effects of salt stains. To remove salt, pour undiluted Heinz® White Vinegar on a damp cloth and wipe into the affected areas. Then polish with a soft cloth.


To loosen rusty bolts and stubborn spigots, soak them in full-strength Heinz® White Vinegar.

Sticky Situations
When decals or bumper stickers have outlived their usefulness and you want to remove them, wipe them repeatedly with Heinz® White Vinegar. Let the vinegar soak in. In a few minutes the decals should peel off easily.

The Lime Fighter
After working with garden lime, you can neutralize its harsh, drying effects on your hands by dousing them freely with Heinz® Vinegar. Then follow with a cold water rinse. No more rough, flaking skin.

Preserving Tips
For pickling, vinegar is necessary to properly preserve foods by inhibiting the growth of food spoilage bacteria. All Heinz® Vinegars are "pickling strength" (5 percent acidity), which means that they are at an acidity level that is recommended for successful, safe, home preservation of foods. Below are some easy pickling and canning tips and recipes that are sure to help you make recipes that will win raves.

Select slightly under-ripe fruits.
Use varieties of cucumbers grown especially for pickling. Do not use cucumbers with a waxy surface for pickling. For best flavor and texture, pickling cucumbers should be used within 24 hours of picking.

Avoid soaking produce.
Use pure granulated pickling salt. The iodine and additives in table salt may make the pickling liquid cloudy or cause discoloration.

Select standard canning jars, caps or lids. (Jars from commercially packed foods are not suitable.) Be sure jars and closures are free from nicks, chips or cracks.

Never re-use canning lids. Canning jars, however, may be used again.

Don’t use copper, brass, iron, or galvanized utensils when cooking pickles. These may react with the acid and salt in the liquid and cause undesirable changes or form hazardous compounds.