Sunday, 9 February 2014

I’m up in heaven mother, enjoying God’s glorious views....

I’m up in heaven mother
Enjoying God’s glorious views
I’m conversing with you now mother
Through a porthole, of a poets muse

I can feel your sorrow mother
Your anguish and your pain
I plea with you, don’t cry for me
For we’ll be together once again

Let the tears you cry be joyous ones
I am now happy where I am
I’m just so proud to be here
Serving as, my Heavenly Father’s lamb

I also have my halo on
It gives off a divinely glow
It’s ok to hold me in your heart
But please let my spirit go

I still love you mother
You are still the world to me
When God calls for you to be here
We’ll be together for all eternity

I am smiling at you mother
As you go about your days
Just cast your eyes towards heaven mom
And to God sing out with praise

Next time that you think of me, mother
Just smile and please don’t cry
You know that we will meet again
In my heavenly home on high

Just place your fingers to your lips
Point them, into a gentle breeze
I will feel your love and kisses mom
I’ll cherish each and every one of these.