Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Step-by-step how to knit these Lilac "Slippers".


Size slippers - arbitrary. According to the description presented - from the 37th to the 40th.

Materials: Any yarn (not thin), the remains of woolen threads for embroidery and flowers (dark green, bright green, white, pink, purple), large and small beads (white, purple, transparent).

Slippers are connected spokes №4,5. Flowers crochet №1,75.

Master Class:
1. Slippers - the basis of Spokes.

We collect 34 loops.

Number 1: 1 bead, 32 facial, 1 bead
Number 2: 1 bead, 10 facial, 1 Wrong, 10 facial, 1 Wrong, 10 facial, 1 bead

3 - 34 series:
= odd ranks as the 1st row
the even rows = as the 2nd row

Number 35: 1 bead, 11 facial, 1 increase (from one loop vyvyazyvayut two), 8 facial, 1 increase, 11 facial, 1 bead
Number 36: 1 bead, 10 facial, 1 Wrong, 12 facial, 1 Wrong, 10 facial, 1 bead
Number 37: 1 bead, 34 facial, 1 bead

38 - number 63:
the even rows = as the 36th series
= odd ranks as the 37th series

64 - number 72: 1 facial gum - 1 Wrong

The hinges do not close, leaving a long thread.

A number with the addition - a place of expansion of the foot.

2. Slippers - assembly

Stretched left thread through the loop of the last series (see photo №2). Contractible thread (see photo №3), we fix it. Then sew the part related gum and still about 8 series (see photo №4 - 5).

You can make slippers more closed or more "small".

Threaded through the middle part (A) thread and tightens it (see photo №6 - 7). Was next part in the crosslinking (see photo №8).

Photo №9 - rear view.

All angles.

3. Decoration Hook.
"Lilac Flower"

Knit any number of lilac flowers of different colors of yarn.

4 chain of air loops closed in the ring polustolbikom. From this loop knit the following chain of 4 stitches, forms a ring polustolbikom (hook into the first loop of the chain). So we form a total of four petals. At the end of the fourth connect the connecting column to the first tab.
"Green leaf"

Knit a chain of 5 stitches. Further, the chain tied around: polustolbik, without nakida column, column 1 nakida in next st (this is the edge of the chain): * nakida column 2, column 1 nakida, a column without nakida, polustolbik, without nakida column, a column nakida 1, column 2 nakida * Further nakida column 1, column without nakida, polustolbik.

Slippers with knitted sewn flowers and leaves.

On the green leaves embroider thread veins contrasting green. Adding chetyrёhlepestkovye embroidered flowers of lilac. We are trying to form a purple grapes. In the center of each knitted and embroidered flower sew on bead or beads. Drawing on each slipper-Sledkov better to have for the most part on the outer side.

Right and left slippers should not be of the same design. Here individuality especially welcome.

For more warmth and wearability below on the sole can sew insole.
Even the utilitarian things can be beautiful!
Option Helena Chepikova.