Friday, 31 May 2013

Turn Leftover Potatoes into Yummy Bread


There’s actually two ways to do this, and I’ve done it both ways. You can pick and choose which option suits you best.

1. Use leftover mashed potatoes from the night before
If you haven’t totally laced your mashed potatoes with bacon, sour cream, and cheese {guilty!}, you can easily use it for this bread.

Scoop out 1 cup of potatoes for the recipe, and cut back on the salt entirely. Since you probably already salted the potatoes at last night’s meal, you really don’t need to do it again.

Even if you forget and salt twice, it’s not going to make that big of a difference. The bread still tastes really good…..just with a slightly saltier flavour.

2. Buy a box of potato flakesI know what you’re thinking….why on earth would a DIY girl go totally not when it comes to potatoes? Because I like to make this bread – a lot – and if I stood and peeled potatoes just to make homemade bread, it would take a very long time!

Buying a box of instant flakes is slightly more expensive, as shown in the graphic below. But at this point, time is money to me, especially if I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen making potato bread.
I usually make the entire box, and freeze in 1 or 2 cup portions. I like to use ziploc bags, because they squish flat and save on space.

Then, when I want to whip up a batch of this bread, I don’t have to wait for leftover potatoes, or peel and cut my own for a special batch. I can just pull it from the freezer!

Now, if you found yourself having absolutely nothing to do, or were peeling potatoes for a dinner anyway, I could see peeling a few more for the bread. Since you have all the potatoes out and are doing a lot of the work already.

Also, if you have one lonely little potato leftover from the bag and it’s starting to going bad, making this bread would also be a good way to save it from going to waste. Too often have I been the culprit of throwing potatoes away because I forget that I had one or two of them still left.

So, next time you think potato bread is going to be a huge hassle to make, it really doesn’t have to be. You can use up your leftovers, or spend a couple hours stockpiling your freezer to quickly make this bread later.

And have I mentioned how yummy it is too? These loaves turn out so fluffy they melt in your mouth. Mmmm…so good.

How do you use up leftover potatoes?

Troubleshoot tip: If you want to use frozen mashed potatoes, make sure you thaw thoroughly and maybe even warm up a bit before you add it to the dough. You don’t want to hinder the rising process with cold potatoes!