Friday, 3 January 2014

An Angel from Heaven

An angel from heaven
Sat down to play;
With a lion cub and a lamb,
On a beautiful day. An unusual trio
They seemed from the start,
Here on earth it would seem likely
To keep them apart.

She had wings like a dove
And a lavender gown,
Her halo was shiny
And she had a sweet smile.
The lamb on her lap
Showed no fear of the cub,
He was as gentle as her
And filled with God's love.

They romped through the meadows
Where roses grew wild,
They rolled in the flowers
As soft as a cloud.
Her laughter was heard
As she chased them around,
Climbing the rainbow
And then sliding down.

A day filled with sunshine
And silver raindrops,
Love and happiness glow
From the gold mountain tops.The day lasts forever,
No one ever weep's,
The lamb and the lion
Lay down at her feet.

~ Sand ~
Copyright © 2001
Used with permission