Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Make Your Home Happier

Our home is where we rest, recharge our batteries and create our happiest memories. Whether you’re renting, owning, hoping to sell or planning to renovate, there are simple things you can start doing today to make your home a happier place to be.
Fresh Flowers

Studies have long shown that fresh flowers in the home make us more cheerful. Feng Shui believes fresh flowers invite positive energy. Research proves flowers in our home create harmonious relationships, increase social interactions, and elevate our moods significantly.

When you’re at home, light a candle and consciously ask the light of the candle to lead your day, enlighten your path and illumine your home. According to Feng Shui, the color of the candle is important too. If you’re hoping to get a promotion, a raise or a new job, lighting a red candle will help get you noticed. If you’re working on increasing your wealth and general happiness, light an orange candle. Orange symbolizes the sun in Feng Shui and therefore brings in the joy of the rising sun. Placing two candles next to each other increases harmony between two people living together. When you light a candle in your home, say a prayer and ask for the light of this candle to enlighten and lift your energy.
Cluster Quartz

Placing cluster quartz in the main areas of your home - dining room, kitchen, family room - will clean, clear and uplift the energy so that everyone gets along. Cluster quartz are a variety of small quartz clustered together on one base, so it symbolizes everyone rooted in the same base (home) and getting along in a cohesive group (family). Place a clear quartz cluster on your dining room table to create harmonious family gatherings. Place a rose quartz cluster in your family room to bring in loving feelings. Rose quartz clusters in the children’s bedrooms help the kids to get along, share and compromise. Place an amethyst cluster in your kitchen to bring in an abundance of joy and happy emotions.
Clear the Clutter

The worst thing you can do to your home is to allow it to clutter up with stuff - papers, laundry baskets, shoes, coats, bills. Clutter weighs energy down and makes you feel upset and tired the minute you walk in the door. Make sure everything has a place. Clean your home every single day. When we fight, feel stressed or argue with people in our home, an energy - like a gray cloud - is created. This negative energy will literally stick to clutter in your home and hang around creating more fights and disharmony. When your home is clean and cleared of clutter, negativity moves right through the home and out the doors.
Let the Light In

It’s so important to raise your blinds, open your drapes and let the light in. When we keep our home closed up, we are sending a message to the universe that asks positive energy to just walk on by. We are literally saying to the world, “Don’t bother with me. Just keep on going.” This is also true of hedges, bushes and trees that block our windows. When we cover them up and block out the light, we block out all things good and positive. Make a point each morning of lifting your blinds and welcoming the day. As you literally let the light into your home, ask this light to fill you too. You will begin to feel so much more positive, healthy and happy.