Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Radish Mushroom

How to make a radish mushroom

You will need:
  • radish
  • small fruit knife
1.  Put a knife in the middle of a radish, and make a small inision.

2.  Hold the radish, and spin the radish VERY SLOWLY, and cut all the way around the radish.


    Push the knife forward VERY LIGHTLY, and cut all around the radish. 
    Don't push the knife through!

The radish should look like this after cutting all around it.

3.  Make four incisions on the bottom side of mushroom like in the pictures. 
     Don;t cut past the half  line!

4.  Put the knife on the half line, and remove the radish pieces.

5.  Trim the stem part, and cut off the bottom.

6.  Put a knife on the surface of the radish, and peel the skin. 
     It's kind of like peeling an apple, but  you don't rotate the radish, and just
     peel the skin off.

Please be careful with this, don't want anyone getting hurt!

If you accidentally snap off the stem, don't worry!  You can stick the stem on with a toothpick.