Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Rain refreshes. Rain rewards.
Kills our thirst with liquid swords.
Washes all the dust away,
And bends the light at end of day.

Rain helps soothe us into sleep,
Cleans up the world we’re sworn to keep.
We tend to it, and it to us,
We’re well rewarded for the fuss.

Like magic mushrooms popping up,
Our food shows in the flowing cup,
A horn of plenty, our reward,
And liquid coolness from the gourd.

Rain comes by to cool our brow,
To give a rest from labors now,
While forces sent from up above,
Gently whisper, “Here’s the Love!”

Rain Drops

As you hear them fall,
Moister in the air, a sprinkle and all
Their sound a symphony,
For you, for me
Pearls of light glistering on the pavement,
Their invisible fingers drumming on my window vehement
Tear drops an emotional call
They signify love, sadness, happiness and all
Emotions are something that we all have
With our soul the Lord to us gave,
A piece of mind to help us shine and glow
Healing our soul if enough of it we show
Through the good times, bad times
In between times
By Roger and Birgit Pratcher