Friday, 3 October 2014

"Send Down the Rain, Lord. Send Down the Rain..."

When I was a kid growing up in the church we used to sing a song called "Send Down the Rain Lord." The song called upon the Lord to send down the "latter rain." Of course, the latter rain refers to God's latter day outpouring of His Spirit upon His people as promised in God's Word. The purpose of such an outpouring is not so that people can feel good, or shout and dance, or even be cleansed and refreshed; but the purpose of the latter rain is to produce a great harvest of souls before Christ returns.

As I have said recently in several messages, this is why we are seeing the storm clouds gather over our country right now. With storms come strong winds which often cause great damage and destruction. However, storms also bring heavy rains that make a harvest of crops possible in the future. According to economic forecasters, America's and the world's financial crisis is just beginning. The clouds are gathering and the winds are yet to blow. None of us know what kind of destruction is ahead. So more than ever, this is a time not to panic, but to pray.

How do we pray? "Send down the rain, Lord. Send down the rain. We need the latter rain. We need the rain, Lord. We need the rain. We need the latter rain."

As you watch and pray...get your vessel prepared...get ready! It will come! The scriptures forecast that these clouds are full of rain. Rain that will fall upon a ripe harvest of souls that is ready to be gathered in. Undoubtedly, the harvest will include the salvation of many of our family, friends, and even those who persecute us and don't like us. And then, Jesus comes!

Come on, pray with me. 
"Send down the rain, Lord. Send down the rain..."