Thursday, 20 June 2013

Illuminated Love...

Conceived in darkness
Instead of through His love
Carried for nine months
We felt it all

Born into separation
Damned by their greed
They continued to feed rotten seeds

We walked the same path
Isolated by walls of fear
Tears burned like acid rain
Touching steel

Longing to be loved
Wasted light
We broke each others heart
We became what they had sown

All fell apart and you went away
I understood you needed to find your way
Shattered heart
Feeling so alone
I traveled a different road

Then one day God reached out His hand
Opened our eyes
And brought us back together again

No longer bound by lies
We have become one
Walking beneath His heavenly skies
And warmth of the sun

Feeding love
Living truth
Spreading good seeds unto each other
And to those who walk upon earth

by: ©Kimberly Dawn 2009
Dedicated to my brother Chris