Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Symbolism of Candels and meaning Colours.....

Light is pure; it penetrates darkness; it moves with incredible velocity; it nourishes life; it illumines all that comes under its influence. Therefore it is a fitting symbol of, All Pure, the Omnipresent, the Vivifier of all things, the Source of all grace and enlightenment. It represents also our Blessed Savior and His mission. He was "the Light of the world," also "that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all."

Even the use of wax has its symbolic meaning. The earlier Fathers of the Church endeavored always to seek out the mystical significance of Christian practices, and one of them thus explains the reason for the Church's law requiring candles to be of wax:

"The wax, being spotless, represents Christ's most spotless Body; the wick enclosed in it is an image of His Soul, while the glowing flame typifies the Divine Nature united with the human in one Divine Person." [A Paschal Candle is a special candle used during the Easter Season to represent the resurrected Christ. During the Easter Vigil, this candle is lighted from a new fire and carried into the darkened church by a deacon or priest. The darkness represents the world without God, and the candle is the light of God returning because of Christ's resurrection. Then people following in procession light small candles, tapers, off the large one which eventually illuminates the church. This candle is also used at baptism and a funeral. Paschal Candles have special decorations to indicate who is represented.]

Each of the following symbolic colours may have a different meaning in other contexts. (The colors will link to some of those articles.) This article focuses on the meaning of the candle colours to magick.
Candles are probably the most versatile and symbolic tool for magick. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of colors to help with all your magickal needs; all you have to do is pick the right combination of colors.
A simple candle spell consists of nothing other than "dressing" the candle with the four elements and purging it of negativity; anointing it with appropriate oils, symbols, and/or spices that symbolize or enhance the need; and burning the candle while releasing energy. Simple rituals and spells come alive with candles, and choosing the right colors for your needs can be very important. Refer to the following list of colors to see what they symbolize.
  • White candles can be used for protection, purification, peace, meditation, healing, truth, spiritual strength and guidance, lunar magick, purity, happiness, masculine divine, virginity, innocence, feminine divine, relaxation, or as a substitute for any other color if it's not available.
  • Red candles can be used for protection, strength, health, passion, courage, lust, power, energy, vitality, love, magnetism, willpower, mother, masculine divine, and tackling difficult problems.
  • Light blue candles can be used for healing, patience, happiness, clearing of the mind, invoking calmness, and sending good dreams.
  • Dark blue candles can be used for change, psychism, and adding control and structure.
  • Blue candles can be used for peace, healing, tranquility, truth, sleep, prophetic dreams, friendship, physical protection, and hope.
  • Green candles can be used for money, fertility, growth, employment, beauty, healing, success, good luck, prosperity, rejuvenation, masculine divine, feminine divine, increase of ambition, and independence.
  • Yellow candles can be used for intellect, attraction, study, divination, charm, confidence, wisdom, visions, psychic powers, mental powers, new dwellings, getting needed attention, communication, and creativity.
  • Brown candles can be used for healing animals, home issues, locating lost objects, grounding, finding common sense, and averting crises.
  • Pink candles can be used for love, friendships, honor, fidelity, femininity, self-love, and harmony.
  • Orange candles can be used for stimulation, energy, creativity, attraction, to stimulate energy, legal matters, success, new homes, increasing motivation, academic matters, and business matters.
  • Purple candles can be used for power, healing severe diseases, spirituation, meditation, psychic ability, success, independence, spiritual growth, feminine divine, and getting respect.
  • Lavender candles can be used for relaxation, intellectual matters, calming, and bringing out inner strengths and talents.
  • Peach candles can be used for reassurance, kindness, sympathy, and granting others' wishes.
  • Black candles can be used for banishing, crone magick, mourning, loss, meditation, abstinence, feminine divine, masculine divine, power, stopping bad rumors, stopping others from interfering with you, and guarding secrets. (See black candles too.)
  • Teal candles can be used for balancing the practical and the spiritual, decision-making skills, and achieving a level of trust with someone.
  • Turquoise candles can be used for getting things in perspective, relieving stress, attaining control over matters that are out of hand, memory aid, and finding logical solutions or reasons for problems.
  • Gold candles can be used for solar deities, God (masculine divine), prospering, and security.
  • Gray candles can be used to symbolize a neutrality or middle ground.
  • Silver candles can be used for removing negativity, encouraging stability, psychic protection, Goddess (feminine divine), and peace.