Monday, 16 April 2012

How to make a "Wire" Fruit Stand...

Wire Fruit stand
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You can make this beautiful stand, of a few pieces of blue thread.

You will need:
• 2.5 mm galvanized wire
• round-point pliers
• 0.71 mm binding wire
• 2 mm lead-free soft loft
• Paintbrush
Earthcote iron paint primer
Earthcote iron paint
Earthcote corrosive
• Newspaper

To make:
1. Legs Cut six 45-cm pieces of blue thread. Turn curls at the ends 
    with pliers.  Make the curls on the top points (the basis on which
    to rest) slightly smaller than the curls at the ends.
2. Cut a piece of binding wire and make the six separate pieces of 
    curled wire together. Run through the connective thread twice 
    just below the middle to each piece of wire wrapping, and then
    all six together. Wrap the wire tightly and bind to all six pieces, 
    so that the legs are steady.
3. Basic Cut three 30-cm pieces of blue thread. Put them in the 
    middle and crossed with binding wire fixed to a star shape.

4. Turn three circles with a diameter of 25 cm, 18 cm and 13 cm 
    blue wire.  Make the points or HbS circle tightly with wire bonding.

5. Place the circles the same distance apart and then put the star 
    shape on top down. Turn the sticking points of the outer circle 
    the star shape and trim off the excess wire. Attach the circles and
    star shape Securely bound together with another wire.
6. Attach the base to the legs down Each leg with binding wire to 
    wire in a star shape tie.
7. Cut 14 pieces of soft solder of 25 cm each. (The solder is at 
    most hardware stores.) Use the pliers to make a curl at the ends
    of each piece of solder.  Turn it on with your fingers if necessary.
8. Make all the curls with binding wire together so that a straight 
    circle. Make up the circle to the outer edge of the stand basis still 
    stuck with binding wire.

9. Give the wire stand a weathered appearance with a low iron paint
    primer and two coats of paint iron. Round it off with two coats of 
    rust agent. 

Note: Make sure the iron paint mix well, and work on a few layers of 
old newspaper, because it's quite a messy affair.

Bright Ideas
  • Form a curl to its legs and one for the edge and use it as a pattern for the rest of the curls.
  • Use enough wire to tie the pieces to attach the stand pretty firmly to make. It does not look too neat - the stand is designed to have a rural appearance.