Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lacy Woven Anklet

By: Courtesy of Bead Studio

Weave this fashionable anklet for you or a friend

  • 1, size 12 needle
  • 3 colors, size 11/0 seed beads
  • Nymo, size "B" thread
  • 1 clasp & 2 ovaljump ring
  • Beeswax

  1. Thread needle with doubled thread and wax. Tie a knot at the end. Thread on 6 beads color “A”, one bead color “B” then 7 beads color “A”. Run needle through the one bead of color “B” and through the 6 beads, creating a beaded loop.

  2. Add one bead of color “B” and 6 beads color “A”. Continue to repeat this pattern until the desired length is reached. (An anklet is usually about 9” long>) Remember to allow for the length of the clasp.

  3. The end bead should be 1 of color “B”. Add 7 more color “A”, then bring needle back through the last color “B”, creating a bead loop.

  4. Keeping the beads tight, add 3 beads color “B”, one bead color “C”, and three more color “B”. Thread the needle through the next color “B” bead on the base strand. Pull firmly, checking to be sure there are no gaps of thread.

  5. Continue beading, repeating pattern until you reach the end of the strand. Remember to keep the thread pulled tight.

  6. Run needle back through all the beads of the beaded loop, then through 4 beads of second row. The needle should exit from the color “C” bead.

  7. Add 7 beads color “C”, (if desired, add bells or dangle on this row) then thread needle through the color “C” bead of the second row. Repeat until you come to the last color “C” bead in the second row.

  8. After running needle into last color “C” bead, continue to run through the beads in the second row and through the bead loop.

  9. Thread the needle through the first 7 beads on the first row and tie a half hitch.

  10. Trim the threads and put a drop of glue or clear nail polish on knots.

  11. To attach clasp, gently open jumprings to the side, slip onto bead rings, hook on clasp and close.