Saturday, 14 September 2013

Inside the Raincloud

Up inside the raincloud, the droplets do confer.
And though they seem quite uniform, they rarely do concur.
Droplet One says “What’s the use? No one will even look.”
And Droplet Two says “I’m not ready! I didn’t read the book!”

The bigger Droplet Ten responds, “Now, steady on!
Don’t fall down on us now.”
Just get into position, we’re about to make a bow.”
“Don’t you mean a rainbow?” “No, I said let’s take a bow!”

“Your little bending motion, will change the light’s return,
And give a little color for the fame that you will earn.
Now, some of you will get a chance to use your other hand,
And bounce another color if it comes perchance to land.”

“We’ll do a double duty, and make a pretty show,
And the people will exclaim at all the colors of our glow!!”
He lined up all the children with a sparkle in his eye,
And he didn’t give the little ones a chance to even cry.

The curtain raised about them and the light was shining clear,
And everyone that he could see was grinning ear to ear.
Their bright smiles shone back out to where the sun had shone before,
And the rainbow that they formed would now become the stuff of lore.

They held the pose until they splashed down on the ground,
And made a lot of merriment as they were dancing ‘round.
They formed into their rivulets to start the trip back up,
And all exclaimed their luck to be a droplet in God’s cup.