Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thank you Lord for this blessed day

"Each day is a perfect day to thank the lord for all the forgiveness that he has for us and for the His blessings which make us stronger, we thank you God"

I thank you for another day that I wake up in order to walk the path or paths that I am guided and watched over in order to be the woman that I’ve become because you’ve allowed me to make my own decisions.

To stay or go to the places where I choose to open and close those doors in order for me to come home to you. I thank you through my Sunday prayer for mother Earth, I ask for you to show her and your children mercy in our trials and tribulations!
I ask for forgiveness of my sins. Please watch over and guide your children to where they are needed in their journey to become who they need to become to come home to you. Please help my friends to open their hearts, soul and body to you. Help them to believe in themselves and to find their true self that is lost in the world of sin. I ask not for me but for them. 
In Jesus’s name I ask.