Monday, 9 September 2013

Our Friend ...

Graphic by Billie

Our Friend

She guards the house and waits for us,
Whenever we’re away.
When we get home, she jumps and shakes,
She does this everyday.
It matters not how long we’re gone,
All day or minutes few.
She greets us like she missed us so,
I say, “We missed you too.”
She’ll come to me and stare a while,
As if she wants to talk.
I speak her name, she wags her tail,
I take her for a walk.
She gets excited like a pup,
When we go for a ride.
She never cares just where we go,
If she is by our side.
I must admit she listens well,
And never does she judge.
She tries to keep us on the path,
With just the slightest nudge.
She thinks she’s watching over us,
She thinks that’s why she’s there.
We’ll never tell her differently,
She does her job with care.
Conspiracy Guy 4/20/04