Thursday, 10 May 2012

True Meaning of Love

“Love” Small Word … 
But this word has the right to rule the world. It’s a great feeling to be in love. Most Important question “Have you ever been in” Love “before?” Someone may say “yes” to it, and some number of a man who loves the most beautiful life to live. He is the most powerful man on the planet.

Journey “Love” Is Like Journey Of Life. 
If you do not stop Living Why You Should Stop Loving! Love can be defined as a relationship between two people who the gods want to Come Close but Stay Together, if they wish. It is because of the love that Adam and Eve came to this earth. But in the world today, Love has a different meaning. Some Say Love Is Lust. And some say love is life!

“Love Is Like death can strike at any-time, anywhere”

Love lives in a sense, rather than live through Feeling. “Life is beautiful.” Life is beautiful because of love … Also today, some people say Love is the most common. We can agree then, if that love is true and fair on both sides. The sky is the limit For Love … No one can know the limit Sky Similarly no one can know the limit of love. Love is not protected by any single, Love Is Wonderful gift from one person to another.

Love has no borders to ensure security; there are no walls to watch. It’s a wonderful feeling, is a walk through the sky. Those who live love and die in love are the happiest person. Love is the treasure of life Ones. A person in love’s richest man because he has the most valuable thing that even the richest person on the planet has not got.

When the person you love rejects you, do not worry because you have lost
a man who never loved you but this man has lost a man who always loved her….. What is love?? Those who do not have, calls it the responsibility of those who play a love game calls it, those who do not call it a dream and those who call it life … In life, do not like to face, my love for you is changing over time, but love the man whose love remains the same even if the time changes. He said that “less than talk to the person you love most, because if they cannot understand your silence they will never understand your words.”

Finally, some love quotes from famous authors:
“Three great virtues are Faith, Hope and Love.
But the greatest of these is love “

“Love Is Not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. This is not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end”

“Love Is Strong Positive emotional connection and affection. It is the deepest of emotions. Love Is as real warm affection and loyalty”

Finally, you can feel the love That is not to say… This can be specified, but not sold… It comes when you do not need it, but leaves you when you need it! So always remember, never hate a person, because hate him you love him the most….