Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Door To Life

A Man once walked upon sands of time
His soul was filled with His Father’s Light
Love pure, like Adam’s first breath
Born of innocence
He set out on a journey to help save the lost
With an open heart
And open arms
He shared His Father’s truth
He showed them His Father’s Love
He healed the sick
Helped the poor
Fed the hungry
And He didn’t even have a place of His own
He was the door to life, but many refused to take the key
Instead, they said, “crucify Him”
They drove nails through His flesh
And He beheld the burden of the world’s sin
Yet, in His final moments
He asked the Father to forgive them

If you were to go to His tomb you wouldn’t find Him there
For death couldn’t hold Him
He is risen
His name is Yeshua, also known as Jesus The Messiah and Intercessor the Prophets once spoke of and He is the door to life. Do you know Him?

©Kimberly Dawn