Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beautiful lacy costume for girls in summer .

Size: 2-3 years
Costume linked from 100% cotton. Lightweight knit top is decorated with flowers and lace shorts border. In this dress your fashionistas will not be hot and comfortable.

Knitting costume you will need: 
  • Yarn Soso (100% cotton, 240 m / 50 g) -60 g of white, 50 g of pink, green residues, 
  • hook number 2.
Description of costume and knitting scheme


Warning Before knitting pattern do flirt in full size.

Dial chain of temperature. n equal to the circumference of the chest + 3 cm for the free fit, and work even under the scheme 1 to the desired length. Coquette: Attach the thread to the front row and typesetting work even 1 line art. b / n, then work even in Scheme 2. After this, at the front of the yoke vyvyazyvayte follow a pattern, doing subtraction in the early series. Assembly: pink tie thread coquette next one as well. b / n and 1 number of "pico", near the hem -1 "pico". Tie a pink thread on Figure 3 for yoke 1 flower of seven petals to hem - 3 of 6 flower petals. Sew flowers to topu, as shown in the photo. Green thread tie two leaflets on the scheme 4, sew a yoke.

Dial chain of temperature. n equal to the circumference of the waist + 3 cm for a free fit. Lock the chain in the ring and work even exactly art. s / n to the desired length. Divide Loop knitting in 2 parts and work even each leg separately around 9 more rows. Next, perform the delicate outline, this Knit 3 rows of Figure 1. Twist the string and insert it into the hole pattern on the waist line.

Knitting scheme: