Friday, 14 September 2012

Make a Scented Sachet for your home....

Scented Sachet pad, add a cozy feeling to your home. Put into dried flowers, such as lavender flowers, and your home will be filled with sunny flavours of Provence.


  • 100 g of fine yarn (100% acrylic), white, 
  • 2 flap cotton fabric 12 cm x 11 cm, 
  • zipper length of 6 cm, 
  • dry lavender flowers 
  • satin ribbon with a white strip 0.5 cm 
  • Hook number 2.

Types of loops: air loop (VP), sc (v. b / n) column with trebles (v. s / n).

Connecting bar (soed. cent.): Hook type in item chains, grab the thread and stretch it by section and subsection of the chain on the hook.

Motive: to Figure 1.  (see below)

The density of knitting: the diameter of each motif of about 4 cm

According to Figure 1 3 tie motif, fastened together by a Comm. Art. in the process of knitting the last p., having two motifs at the top and one at the bottom of the motif in the center, guided drawing. Tie motives, performing for 2 tablespoons. S / N of each arch of 2. on, and the next. p. Knit 1 st. w / o of each item tied a piece of Scheme 2.

Scraps of fabric cut 2 pieces in the shape of a heart, according to the size of knitted items without finishing. In one of the parts of the fabric run horizontal cut and sew in a zipper. Sew details. Top sew knitted item. The finished product is wet and let it dry. Fill the bag with dry lavender flowers. In the center of the ribbon to sew in a loop (see photo).