Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seeking the Truth...

by: Kimberley Dawn


The purpose of this page is to raise awareness about God’s sacred name and the Messiah’s true Hebrew name and to share my thoughts about what is happening in the world about this subject. Please note: I am not associated with any movement or church, I am just a woman who reads her Bible, studies, does Biblical research and prayerfully seeks the truth from our Heavenly Father. I judge no one and what people come to believe and choose to do is between them and God.

God’s true name is YHWH also known as Yahweh. Additionally many understand Jesus is the true name of the Messiah but that is not the true “birth name” Yahweh gave to His Son. Jesus’ true Hebrew birth name is Yeshua. Personally I use both names when witnessing because most people have never heard of the name Yeshua but do know the name Jesus.

As believers we are supposed to love one another, be patient, have compassion and understanding when sharing the truth. And it makes me sad to witness many believers in the world who are spirituality abusing other believers and arguing over this issue who say all kinds of negative things about using the name Jesus instead of Yeshua for the Messiah. I see too much tearing down instead of building up, and it really needs to stop because it’s not how God wanted His people to treat each other nor was it ever a part of the Messiah’s teachings. If you are unsure about new information being shown to you then it’s important to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. And what ever it is you choose to believe and share with others is between you and God, no one else. It’s my hope that you don’t solely depend on the word of man or your church leaders while seeking truth because sometimes man makes mistakes. Do your own research, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth because man isn’t always right, no matter how much experience and knowledge they claim to have.

It’s my hope that you will take the time to read the articles below because I found them to be useful and thorough.

Removing the Veil – An article about God’s true name.
Why Yeshua? – An article about the Messiah’s true Hebrew name.

I also want to share another great source where you will find useful information in abundance covering the Book of Revelation. Walter Veith has truly put allot of research into the information he presents and lines it up with what is going on in the world today. It’s my hope that you will take the time to at least watch one video all the way through, I am sure you will find it to be spiritually enlightening and wanting to come back for more.

Revelation Seminar by Walter Veith

May You Be Blessed