Friday, 7 September 2012

First and foremost seek God’s help

Man turns to God when they are against the walls. As they find it is fruitless to depend on power, money, hard work, knowledge and influence, they turn to God as the last means to escape. But this should not be the way of the children of God. They should first and foremost seek God’s help. Before assessing the pros and cones and making calculations, we should seek the Will of God. 

The reason for many failures are the reluctance to seek the Will of God. First, we should go to the court of God. If we trust His court, we could avoid many cases filed in the earthly courts. It is when we try to be gods that we journey through the roads of power and fight. There we try to win and defeat others. 

Like Job, the suffering man of the Old Testament, we should be able to say, ‘It is God who imparts justice for me.’ The Lord is our true helper. Real help comes from God who has created the heaven and earth. Therefore we should first seek God’s help in our adversities. Hence we could avoid much unnecessary troubles in our life.