Thursday, 4 July 2013

Seven Ways Your Guardian Angel Can Help You Find Happiness...

1.  You are never alone
I see angels and I have done since I was a baby. I see them as physically as I see people and I see them every day. I see a guardian angel with each and every person regardless of their religion or whether or not they believe. Your guardian angel is with you from before you are born until after you go home to Heaven and never ever leaves you, not even for one moment. Never feel lonely – you are never alone and your guardian angel loves you unconditionally and wants you to be happy.

2.  Ask for a teacher angel to help you to feel happier

I see such an abundance of angels. One type of angels I see is teacher angels,angels who can help us to learn something new. These angels don’t stay with us like our guardian angel but come and go. You can ask for a teacher angel to help you with anything – learning to drive, learning the computer, gaining confidence, dating, anything.

Many of us have never really learnt how to be happy, or have forgotten how to be happy. Ask your guardian angel to allow in a teacher angel to help you to learn how to be happy.
3.  Feeling down? A light in the darkness

When someone is feeling down I will frequently see an angel with them holding a ball of light in front of them, at heart level. They do this to help the person see the light in their life. No matter what is going on in your life there is always hope there. No matter how tough a day there are always bright moments in it, if we could only see them.

Just ask your guardian angel to hold a light in front of you.

4.  Angels help us to appreciate what is good
The angels tell me that many of us have got our priorities wrong and are so busy that we have forgotten how to live life and be happy.
The greater part of our lives is made up of small things – the ordinary and the everyday. If we ignore these things or dismiss them as trivial and unimportant we will miss out on life.

Ask your guardian angel to help you to see all the little joys that are in your life right now.

5.  Stop looking for perfection in your partner

The angels tell me that one of the things that stops many people from being happy in love is that they want their lover to be perfect in every way. No one is perfect. You are not perfect!

I see angels helping people find a partner and I frequently see angels tying a golden thread around couples to help them to learn to build a loving relationship.
I also see angels helping when couples decided to split or divorce, helping to reduce the pain and hurt for the people involved. The angels also work hard to help couples that have forgotten how to love each other, couples that are constantly seeing the imperfections in each other rather than accepting and loving them as they are.
6.  Your loved ones in Heaven are with you
Your guardian angel frequently allows the soul of a loved one in Heaven to be around you. If you feel the presence of someone you love who has died, don’t doubt it. Many of us feel the pain of grief and this stops us from being happy – but it shouldn’t. Your loved one is happy in Heaven and wants you to be happy too. This is why our guardian angel lets the spirit of a loved one in to help us, to reassure us, and to help us feel happier.
7.  Your loved ones in Heaven are with you

I meet so many people who are letting life pass them by as they search for the elusive “life purpose”. So many people who think that unless their life is extraordinary, they have not achieved what they are here for.
The angels tell me that we all share a common life purpose. We are all here to live each and each moment of our lives to the full. Life is so fragile, so short and every second of it counts. Many people have a burning desire to be special, and to be recognized as such. The truth is that we are all special. There is no such thing as an insignificant life and every life is unique. Stop waiting! Stop searching. Don’t let life pass you by. Live today to the full and be happy.