Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Who Is To Blame For Your Struggle?

Real Talk: Who Is To Blame For Your Struggle?Posted In Soul Work

Why is it we get on our knees and pray, always seeking something for self, and really expect God to do what we say when we say it, yet we still walk on the wrong side of the fence???

How is it that some of us really think that when things go wrong we have a right to blame God… Even when we’re the ones who give into worldly lusts??

We say Lord, why did YOU allow this to happen? DO YOU REALIZE THE CHOICE WAS YOURS??? God didn’t put the drugs in your hand, that cigarette in your mouth, that unmarried partner in your bed, those things that didn’t belong to you in your pocket. He didn’t punch that extra hour on your time card. He didn’t put those lies in your mouth that fell into someone’s ear. He didn’t put that gun in your hand and pull the trigger…

BUT He did leave the WORD of God here to strengthen us when we get to that point of crossing the fence. He did say He will always give us a way out when tempted… He did give His life to us so we could have LIFE and make right choices. He did leave the Holy Spirit to speak to guide us and remind us not to walk on the wrong side. He did say if you choose to walk with Him you will never walk alone.

When you start your day today and every day, give God His praise and time.. And in every decision, think first and choose to do what Jesus would do and see how walking in Christ could be. Remember you put on the new man. New means new; it has no holes. The old man isn’t you anymore. Renew your mind with the Word of God, and when you’re weak draw strength from the Father. He said He is there. REACH to God, not the THING (desire)… Give God a chance.. HE is so worth it!
Source: T. Schneill Rainey-Hall