Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tips for Womanhood....

Loving people
Love is loving people and delighting in the friendship they share. 
Ringing someone, writing a letter or nice email.
Finding friends is most important, 
@: cooking classes, college/TAFE, book clubs, or volunteering
helping at church, the tennis club or gym, sharing experiences at a Mum's group; 
walking a dog- people with dogs are usually friendly. 
(get dog from animal rescue).It's quite amazing how friendly people are walking paths and beaches

Sunshine - 20 minutes daily
Time in the sun, the body produces endorphins (happy hormone) there's a link between sunshine and melatonin and serotonin, hormones that help sleep. 
A good night's sleep is vital for feeling ok. 
hint: don't wear sunglasses or your body won't realise it's in the sun and you don't get the full benefit.

Strike up conversations.
When with someone, opening a door, at the cash register or on the bus, look them in the eye and say thank you. Watch the smile on their face, and you too will be smiling. 
and happy, plus they appreciate it.

Gratitude diary:
Write down three things every day to be grateful for. Can you limit to three? 
That you have good food and are educated? 
You have access to technology and electricity? 
You are safe to read this, and aren't in a civil war. 

The movie 'Pay It Forward', started a movement of doing something for one who could never repay. 
Pay for an extra drink for the person behind you. 
Visit a Senior, see if they need groceries or just a chat. 
One space left in the car park - give it to someone else. 
Buy a rose and leave it for someone eg-the cleaner who empties your bin.

Learn what is true for life
How can you make your job enjoyable?
Are you friends with people you don't understand, or constantly replaying mistakes. 
Know what God would desire, seek His freedom from the past – live in His strength, you cannot do anything alone. 
Do you seek recognition in what you do, or seek opportunities to love and learn? 
Be brave and improve relationships. 
Once you accept what is right, it is easier to make decisions based on truth and love.

Make a Cacao smoothie with avocado, banana, apple
Dark chocolate, rich with antioxidants, boosts blood-flow to the brain, improving concentration and mood.
You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

Being physically active is a sure way to a healthy womanhood. 
The biggest organ that needs a workout is the brain. 
Women who are busy and mentally active are more content than those who watch 12 episodes a day.
The more the brain works, the more dopamine is released, THE feel-good drug. All natural of course. 
Enrol in a course, learn flower arranging, drawing, garden, write a novel, do Sudoku/word puzzles on the train, 
learn an instrument, memorise verses, poems, start a hobby, read.

Being Still
Silence, being still, listening to God, being grateful- sets the heart at peace 
where character can grow.
A life with a peaceful soul, can weather raging storms."