Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to crochet a Spiral Scarf ...

Beautiful fluid twists and turns, curves and movement.

The Pattern:I used a 7mm hook but use any hook or yarn, obviously match the hook size to the yarn weight.
Decide how long you want your scarf and chain for that length. I chained 180 sts.
Row 1 – tr into 4th chain and each chain to end.
Row 2 – ch 3 and *tr into next 2 sts, dtr in 3rd st* repeat until end.
Row 3 – as row 2.
Continue until desired width is achieved. I did five rows but the yarn was quite thick and the hook quite large.

NOTE: for US change tr to dc and dtr to trc. 

This pattern is so quick, easy and effective. I used 200g of wool. My scarf is quite long at least 8ft and fairly chunky. However if you use a lighter yarn and smaller hook the spiral will be tighter and more springy.