Friday, 31 August 2012

Arise and remove the sleep from your eyes......

The Lord is telling us to arise and remove the sleep from our eyes that hinders our vision, 
for the alarm has sounded. We must arise and remove the lust of the eyes, 
the lust of the flesh and the pride of life and not look back... let the dead bury the dead. 
We must forsake all that hinders us! 

The Father is visiting His people; decreeing His purposes for them in this hour. 
He has plans for us to share in this great awakening; the rising up of His church. 
We will rise up and take our rightful place in the world, shining like the Son ~ 
His glory is risen upon us for this purpose and time.
Repent and shake off those things that are millstones around your neck for they are not worth holding on to. It may seem painful when the hidden places of your heart that cause you to slumber are revealed, but during this time of preparation things are only manifest so they might be destroyed. 

The Father's only desire is to bring you into the glorious purpose 
He has planned for you before the foundations of the world. 
Be confident of this that joy comes in the morning. 
Your awakening produces someone else’s awakening. 

Fill your lamps and trim your wicks and forsake all pursuits that God has not called you to. 
Draw near to Him and let go of all that robs the precious fuel of His tangible presence. 
Close your eyes and thoughts to the enemy. 
Concentrate and focus on Abba ~ it pleases Him to awaken your love (Song of Sol. 2:6-8.)