Friday, 31 August 2012

Little Girls White fishnet dress...


Size: At 5 years

You will need: 
Soso yarn (100% cotton, 240 m/50 g) - 250 g of white, pink residues, hook number 2, 3 buttons.

The dress is knitted from the top down. Dial 105 temperature. n + 3 temperature. § lifting Knit pattern on Figure 1 .

Then divide the work as follows: for 6 repeats for each arm, 6 repeats on the back and on the front seven repeats. Knit 1 row of Art. w / o doing an additional three temperature. sts for armhole each side. Further work even skirt round pattern of Scheme 2 to the desired length.

Assembly: tie neckline, sleeves and skirt pink thread columns w / o the "pico". Sew buttons on the back, on the other hand do the hanging loop.