Saturday, 17 August 2013

Being content...

How many of us would like to change our circumstances? 

Our health, our finances, our relationships, those who have hurt us, those who have walked away...disappointment.

In Philippians 4:10 Paul is writing from prison and is rejoicing. He has learned to be content no matter what the circumstances. He has learned the secret. Like us, he did not always know that secret.

In verse 11 Paul states "he has learned." Yes, in prison he is still learning.

The terrible circumstances he cannot change... death may come at any moment for him. Nothing is in his control.

For two years he waits not knowing what tomorrow may bring. But he is content.

Focusing on Jesus, rather than the circumstance is the clear lesson. He is in prison rejoicing that Christ is being proclaimed. Rejoice, rejoice he repeats over and over in chapter four. Over and over he talks of Jesus. 

As he writes the letter, he is rejoicing and focusing on Jesus.
How sad that we do not think of Jesus when we open our eyes each morning, as we get ready for the day and as we go about every minute of the day. As we learn to stay "focused" we can rejoice even in dark circumstances. 

Paul's attitude soars above the dark clouds and focuses on Jesus.

If he dies, he will be with Jesus. If he stays alive, he can continue his mission. Christ IS his life. Either way he is a winner.

As a born again Child of God, saved by His grace, I can be content that I am a winner either way.

God allows certain circumstances in my life, often for the benefit of others. Are we focused on our loses?

Sure it is upsetting to lose job, home, finances, friends, loved ones.

But as His child, I know that what awaits me in eternity is worth it all.
My focus is on CHRIST. He knows my heartache and suffering here and now. 

He is my peace, my anchor, the most important person in my life!

God can change any circumstance if and when He chooses. He is working every day in our life.

Molding us...often we do not even realize He is at work through us.

I will allow Him to work through me, because I know it is for my good or for the benefit of someone else.

Either way, Lord, go ahead and work in my life!

by: Simply Sharing and Serving