Saturday, 31 August 2013

Live, Laugh, Love

Live, Laugh, LoveBy J. Johnson

" Live, Laugh, Love "

Let yourself live, don't always hold back and shelter yourself from taking risks. Be adventurous, be spontaneous, explore new worlds and new places that you would not otherwise see without taking the initiative to. Take advantage of the fact that you were able to wake up this morning, because not everyone else can say the same.

LOVE. Choose to love, but let love find you. Be proactive in searching for someone that you are compatible but don't rush to be in love. Love your family, and friends daily, by spending time with them, and treating them in a manner in which you want to be treated. Never run away from love, because no matter what, love conquers all.

LAUGH. Spend time everyday doing things to make you laugh and smile. Catch a good comedy, watch a funny sitcom, or simply converse with some friends or family members that you know will give you a good laugh. A few laughs a day will keep the doctor away!