Thursday, 15 August 2013

From The Not So Blue

Graphic by MamaBear

Somedays, like a bolt from the blue, or from the not so blue,
You’re struck by something powerful, something that is true.
Unassailable recognition, of power and of strength,
That tends to tilt the world you view, and makes you think at length.

What is the purpose of our lives? What do we struggle for?
Do we wander an aimless thicket, or is there a Golden Door?
You can be sitting at a desk, or riding in a car,
When suddenly you’re somewhere else, though you haven’t gone so far.

Epiphanies can happen. They do not have to hurt.
You think you’re full of love for life, and then you have dessert!
Our lives are a rich conundrum, some things we know or guess,
But when you get a chance for a gift from on high, you should always answer Yes!

by: NicknamedBob