Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to keep your baby entertained

See things from a baby’s point of view - as if for the first time...

Household tip type: Baby
Babies are like little sponges for information – things like colour, sounds, different textures – all of these are intriguing to your little one and can keep them occupied as well as help them to develop important skills too. 

Baby toys, swings and vibrating bouncers all go a long way in keeping your baby occupied, but there are also everyday household items that can come into play once your child is old enough to need a bit more stimulation.
Keep old phones and computer keyboards – babies love to play with things they see you busy with every day. Just be sure to minimise damage by giving them things which you don’t mind breaking!
Mirror, Mirror on the wall...
Babies don’t recognise their own faces in the beginning and can be thoroughly entertained by the baby staring back at them. If there is a mirror within their reach then make sure it is secured to a wall or on the floor so that they can’t pull it down or break it.
Dance like nobody’s watching
Put on your favourite tunes and introduce your baby to the world of dance. Babies love moving their little bodies to the beat of music and you can be there to share in the fun.
Tupperware is very useful in the kitchen but also in keeping your baby occupied. Dig out all your plastic and let them stack and unstack all the bowls and dishes - you may even find your Tupperware cupboard packed neater than before...

Just remember that your child is looking at things as if for the first time: what may seem boring and mundane for you might mean a world of delight for your child.