Friday, 4 October 2013

Perks Pearl of Wisdom

"There is no perfect time to fall in love, nor is there a perfect time to give up on it. Love is and always will be God's Voice in the world spoken through us."
Bob Perks

"...with balloons"

Whenever I describe the kind of love I believe in,
I always say "A run on the beach with balloons 
kind of love."

That comes from those "sappy" images in romantic movies,
greeting cards and in fact, my own reality.

Perhaps it's foolish, childish at best, but it is 
the way I always see love.

I am the one they write those movies for; "Somewhere
in Time," "Love Story," "The Notebook," and yes, "Romeo 
and Juliet," to mention a few.

I can break into song at the top of my voice and sing about
love when the right song comes on the radio.

For love, I would not hesitate to sing in the middle of a restaurant,
a crowded mall, or even alone on that beach.

Barbershop quartets, violinists, candle light dinners,
or a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers in the park, are
my passion.

I thought I really knew what love was, what love required,
more importantly, what love could withstand.

Then I looked back at the balloons.

Balloons don't last forever. They are beautiful at first.
Colorful and bright as they dance in the wind. Like roses,
one single balloon will lift you up, make a statement, but
a dozen screams, "I love you!"

Roses don't last forever, either.

Balloons have to be tethered. If given the chance they will 
rise and float away, never to be seen again.

Love has to be held close to the heart. If one let's go they
might as well be gone, too. Love clings without smothering, 
holds on without limiting, and stays even when challenged.

Roses need to be cared for, watered and refreshed to extend 

Love needs to be nurtured, fed and given a chance to blossom
fully. To be loved one must love in return.

Balloons have one short-lived life, one purpose. When the 
running stops or the party ends, they are tossed aside.

The true test of love comes long after the roses die and the 
balloons sink slowly to the ground.

Real love stands on its own.

Does that mean we should never buy balloons?

Does this mean we should never spend money on roses?

Real love needs neither of these. Real love feeds
on itself and can be quiet and subtle .

But for old romantics, the wine keeps pouring, the balloons
keep flying and the smell of roses lingers for a lifetime.

There is always enough time, enough love for one to 
"run on the beach with balloons" perhaps even carrying 
a dozen roses.

Don't wait on either to come to you. 

Sometimes one needs to buy their own balloons and stop 
and smell the roses along the way. Self love is not 
egotistical. It is necessary in order to love another.

My friend, here's to love, roses and running on the beach "with balloons!"