Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Why Yelling at your children?

I yell at her to obey. To stop whining. To quit bugging her brother. To be the example. When I yell, I see her spirit is crushed and I instantly feel guilty. When I yell at her I'm squelching the opportunity to connect our hearts... to win hers.I want to learn to respond, not react. Ya know? Do you find yourself reacting to your children's disobedience rather than responding? Reacting is full of emotion and happens without careful thought. Responding stops and thinks first. It takes purposeful thinking about that little soul and how you want the heart changed, not the behavior. Yeah... it's super hard. The mommy-discipline. For we must talk softly, sweetly, and slowly... and always with love. This will win their heart.

Before my daughter got on the bus this morning I yelled at her, was harsh, and just plain nasty. This evening I spent the night teaching her how to ride her bike. Just as I am typing this post my daughter looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm glad we hung out together tonight." You see, your child needs YOU. They need you to be present and kind and available. I'm learning too, sweet Mama. 

So remember:1) Be kind with your speech.

2) Be sweet with your actions.

3) Don't react; respond.

4) Don't ever yell at your children; it crushes their spirit.

5) Spend quality time with them.

6) Show them Christ's love. Each moment is a chance to show them His grace.

7) Seek to win their heart; not just change their behavior.

by:  Traci Michele