Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Children’s Friend

And they brought young children to Him ... 
and He took them up in His arms …
and blessed them. Mark 10:13,16

Every day we share with Jesus,
Makes that day a happy one.
That is why the heavenly Father
Gave to us His own dear Son.

First of all we must receive Him;
In our hearts He longs to be.
Simply trusting His commandment:
Let the children come to Me.

If we say we really love Him,
When at home, at school, or play;
We’ll be happy to be doing
Anything He has to say.

He has given us the Bible,
So that we may know His will;
How to live and pray and worship;
Whether times are good or ill.

Jesus is the only Saviour;
He is our Creator Lord;
And for those who love His coming,
He will ever be adored.